“Our 31st Year”

"No one offers more for less"

"An Infinity Service Package can save you as much as 40% over doing it yourself or hiring a number of different contractors."

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Infinity Professional Service Company, Inc.

Infinity was originally founded in 1982 as a consulting firm to large national contract cleaning companies, fortune 500 clients, commercial property, hospitals, airports, stadiums, hotels, educational institutions and exclusive resorts across the continental United States. Based in Tampa, Florida, we operated in 14 states until relocating to Chicago later in the 80's were we served as contract management to two of the city's largest custodial companies.

With the coming of the millennium, Infinity became the first maintenance company in the Chicago area to focus on providing services to residential properties. We took the best concepts from commercial/hotel cleaning and modified them to offer unmatched services and a new level of cost efficiency to the residential building market. Commercial grade equipment, new technologies, computerization and creativity permitted us to offer a valuable new service where none existed before.

Infinity offers complete custodial service programs that can incorporate carpet/tile floor care as well as pressure washing and many other services. Infinity also offers a variety of professional services that can be purchased a la carte. Residents can enjoy carpet/upholstery cleaning, Ozone shock treatments to kill mold, remove odors and sanitize, pet feeding service and much more.

Our Condominium Association clients enjoy the option of eliminating their carpet care, hard floor care, trash chute cleaning and garage pressure washing budget line items to name a few. Infinity also eliminates Associations from having to buy and maintain heavy equipment such as carpet shampoo equipment, pressure washers, snow blowers and battery powered wide vacuums.

We can change your filters, wash your screens, test your generators, bleed your garage dry sprinklers, wash walls, change lights, remove snow, decorate. . . The possibilities are only limited by your needs and the desires of your residents. The best part is that costs actually decline with economies of scale or are eliminated by being absorbed as project work done by our on location custodial staff.

Infinity’s mission is to help you enjoy your lifestyle, elevate your property values and improve your property’s reputation by delivering what other properties can’t... great services at unbeatable prices. In doing so, we hope to become your irreplaceable vendor of choice.

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